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Creating your Alivelihood ©

Self – Confidence, Self – Knowledge and Self – Importance

Individual & Collective Enrichment Approach via Whole Person Concept

What is whole person concept?

Whole person concept is the understanding that when any condition affects one aspect of our being then all parts are affected to varying degrees. There are four interactive segments:

Alivelihood ©

​Alivelihood © is the consciousness of feeling alive.  Alivelihood © is not necessarily what you do to earn money. Alivelihood © segment causes you to feel purposeful and fulfilled.


Personal is the awareness segment of choice and outcome.  Alivelihood © consciousness contributes to selecting the best or correct choice and achieving more abundance.


Spiritual is your exquisite identity.  Spiritual is non-denominational. This exquisite identity segment is referred to as soul, sacred, or spirit identity. This aspect of our being is the Responder and holds Truth and fosters our self-respect..

Creative Connectivity

​Creative Connectivity is the segment of careful relatedness to/with groups and individuals.  This connectivity when asserted through mindfulness, increases and expands your ability to be your S.E.L.F. © (Spirit Expressing Love Forever) 

Benefits of Whole Person Concept

*Dignity:  the state of poise and self-respect that inspires respect.

Identifying areas for change
Choosing the correct path
Improving performance
Releasing the past

Forging healthier belief systems
Participating in transformation
Securing dignity*
Creating abundance

 Six Pathways to Boost Your Achievements

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I just want to express my sincere gratitude for your help. When I thought I had no one to talk to, your name came to mind. I feel so much lighter and my mind is so much clearer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a better understanding of the situation and free of the pain that I was carrying. I have the utmost respect for you and your work.

Doreen is a great communicator and presenter. She is able to keep the working group focused and on track. All of the participants showed excellent improvements by the end of her workshops. This is because of her excellent self-awareness, social skills, motivation, and empathy demonstrated when interacting with her clients and answering questions.

I met Doreen close to ten years ago, time passes by so quickly it seems. In the hardest of life moments I’ve turned to Doreen for her guidance and clarity. She has always provided me the reflection and wisdom I need to continue forward in a good way and in the Creator’s light. She has been blessed with many gifts to help people, she certainly has helped me. Miigwech Doreen.

Doreen South, Achievement Facilitator, experienced in the Whole Person Concept of increased performance and acquirement of success through video conferencing for individuals and businesses.  As an achievement facilitator, Doreen succeeds in quality seminars, mediation, workshops and individual support services. Doreen’s home base is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

To request more information about Doreen South's services, please contact Doreen :
Tel: (289) 253 7772

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