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Organizations are the perfect fit for the Whole Person Approach in achieving and keeping healthy human resources, productivity and internal/external customer satisfaction.

Fundamental foundation and philosophy:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the World.” Mahatma Gandhi

8 Principles of an Intentional Support System:


  • Creating healthier communication … being heard and understood
  • Compassionate understanding – comprehending where others are at without judgement or punitive words/actions
  • Leadership … sustaining strengths and best practices
  • Responsible change from within the individual and the collective
  • Respectful utilization of policy & procedure
  • Accurately identifying gaps
  • Being solution driven
  • Practicing Inclusiveness


All directions lead South, 31 + years


  • Professional Development
    • Managing Stress
    • Reaching Consensus
    • Effective Listening Skills
    • How to Trust Your Gut
  • Mediation & Conciliation
    • Identifying common ground
    • Holding space for other viewpoints
    • Isolating real issues
    • Co-creating doable solutions
  • Workshops
    • 9 Essential Life Skills
    • Good Mind Teachings
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Energy is Medicine
  • Conferences, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator
    • Youth
    • Life experience translated into Life Skills
    • Department personnel
    • Agencies

“89% of participants would recommend or attend future sessions with this trainer/facilitator and 100% would recommend this training to others. Participants were asked to list other types of training that they would like to see offered to staff. Some suggestions were self-care, past lives, and more energy workshops with Doreen South.”

Mnaamodzawin Health Services

Postal Bag 2002, Hwy 540 48 Hillside Rd., AOK Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0

Conferences: By designing, delivering and/or facilitating in ways that contribute to a clear self-identity and overall wellness.

  • Hope & Healing Youth Conference, Beausoleil First Nation
  • 3-Day Youth Conference, Sagamok First Nation
  • Igniting the Power Within, Gov’t Winnipeg, Manitoba

Traditional Teachings: 


  • Health Canada & AFN (Assembly of First Nations) task force making doable short-term recommendations to end Native youth suicide. These recommendations were used to create initiatives.


“Please accept this letter of reference for Doreen South. I have had the opportunity to work with her when she was on the Suicide Prevention Advisory Group on behalf of the Assembly of First Nations and Health Canada, First Nations & Inuit Health Branch in 2A01- 2002. This Group provided recommendations on youth suicide to both the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and the Minister of Health of the Federal government.

During that time, Doreen displayed professionalism and was the voice reminding the Group to think wholistically in their recommendations on youth suicide. Doreen

provided her insights to wholistic healing and related really well with the First Nation representatives of the Group.

On a personal note, I have found Doreen to be professional and most concerned that the Clients she sees on an individual basis know the boundaries of the visit. I have been very impressed with her integrity in dealing with clients and groups.”

Sincerely, Elaine Johnston
Director of Health Assembly of First Nations


  • Ontario Work – create & facilitate skill building workshops for receipients assisting in job readiness and self-confidence.

“Doreen South was an extremely valuable part of the team at the Mohawks Bay of Quinte (MBQ), Community Wellbeing Centre (CWC). She facilitated three workshops for the clients of the Ontario Works (OW) program and provided them with numerous tools and exercise to improve their spirit and learning ability. Doreen shared the learning pyramid, which is a useful tool as it illustrates the importance of the different methods of learning and retention to the OW clients.

Doreen is a great communicator and presenter. She is able to keep the working group focused and on track. All of the participants showed excellent improvements by the end of her workshops. This is because of her excellent self-awareness, social skills, motivation, and empathy demonstrated when interacting with her clients and answering questions.

Doreen also provided spiritual counselling that was highly regarded by the CWC staff as very useful. It was a good opportunity to seek advice, get closure on past life events, and help in mapping the new journey forward for many employees.

She is an outstanding leader and we highly recommend Doreen’s service in the future.”

Thanks, Thomas Krasnuik, MBA Director: Community Wellbeing Centre

Doreen South, Achievement Facilitator, has a wealth of know-how in team building, communication skill enhancing, improving human resource focus and performance while cultivating leadership abilities. As an achievement facilitator, Doreen manages small and large groups generating an increased sense of purpose and fulfillment. Services, workshops and seminars are delivered through video conferencing successfully. Doreen South is located in Ontario Canada.  Telephone and email inquiries are most welcome.


To request more information about Doreen South’s services, please contact Doreen:
Tel: (289) 253 7772

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