Doreen South
904-93 Bold Street,
Hamilton, ON L8P 1T8  


Facilitated Workshops:

Professional Development:

  • Norfolk General Hospital
    Simcoe, Ontario
    Support Staff: Coping with Change
  • Conestoga College
    Scarborough, Ontario
    Dean & Professors:
    Stress Management
  • Christian Professional Conference
    Burlington Social Workers
    Visualizing and Stress Management
  • Seneca Nations of Indians
    New York State
    Directors and Sr. Management
    Effective Listening  – 3 days
    Contract – Holistic Counselling
  • Sagamok Anishnawek First Nations
    Health Services & Community/Social Services Sagamok, Ontario
    Anger: Friend or Foe
    How to reach consensus
    Anger Management
    Stress in the workplace
    Effective Listening Skills
    Valuing Diversity
    How to be Heard and Understood
    Created and Facilitated 3-day Youth Conference
    Contract:  Holistic Counselling
    Mediation between staff
  • Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation
    Health Services Wikwemikong, Ontario
    How to Increase the Quality of Customer Service
    Healing Circles:Understanding Emotional Healing
    Keynote Speaker:  Community Wellness Day
    Staff & Management: 97 participants workshop:
    Increasing work ethics through Medicine Wheel Concept
    Mediation & Reconciliation: Treatment Centre with Executive Director & Board
    Holistic Counselling
  • Ontario Works: Retraining Centre
    Cornwall Ontario
    Staff &Trainees
    Management vs. Leadership
  • Regina, SK Holistic Practitioners
    Increasing Your Intuition &
    How to Trust Your Gut
  • Cornwall, Ontario Series of workshops
    Law of Attraction & Abundance
    1-day Retreats
  • Tyendinaga Bay of Quinte Mohawks
    Day Care Staff & Management
    3-day Workshop
    Personality Profiling and Compatibility
    Building Consensus
    Creating Effective Meeting Agendas
  • Tyendinaga Ontario Works
    3-Day Workshops
    9 Essential Life Skills
    Emotional Wellness
  • Tyendinaga Men’s & Women’s Conference;
    Holistic Healing
  • Tyendinaga Women’s Conference: Facilitated
  • Tyendinaga Doula Training – Good Mind Teachings
  • Whitefish River FN – 1:1 sessions; Education Staff support/workshops; working with elementary school children
  • Mnaamodzawin Health Services – 1:1 sessions with community members and staff
  • Sheguiandah FN – 1:1 sessions with community members and staff
  • Sheshegwaning FN – 1:1 sessions with community members and staff; Voxxlife HPT products event
  • Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA)
  • Mohawk Territory Canada
    30 Day Mediation & Reconciliation with Chief & Council
    Head Start Program USA Staff & Management:
    Working Together:  Being Heard and Understood
  • MCA Community & Social Services & Health:
    Building a 10 year Plan
  • MCA School Board: Mediation & Reconciliation
    Teachers and School Board
    Workshops for students: Communication and Kindness
    Holistic Counselling
  • Walpole Island Ontario
    Woman’s Shelter Staff:
    Identifying, Setting and Holding Healthy Boundaries

  • Six Nations Ontario Birthing Centre:
    Consultant on Architectural Changes
    Talking Circles
    Healing Circles
    Doula Training:  Good Mind Teachings
  • Diabetes Assoc.: Visualization & Stress Reduction
    Holistic Counselling
  • Pine Tree Friendship Centre Management, Staff and Community Brantford Ontario
    Communication Skills
    Talking Circles
  • Christian Island Ontario
    Beausoleil First Nation:
    Hope & Healing Youth Conference:
    Holistic Counselling
    Admin and Staff – Elementary School PD Day:
    Cause & Effect, Identity & Life Events & Workshops
    Holistic Counselling for Mental Health, Community Social Service, Health and Education
    Series of 4 Workshops for Seniors on Wellness
  • Chippewa’s of Rama
    Rama, Ontario
    Ontario Works:
    9 Essential Life Skills
    Emotional Wellness
    Holistic counselling
    Fundraiser for Library
    Voxxlife HPT event
    Social Services Team Building
    Early Childhood Education:
    Individual sessions
  • Henvey Inlet First Nation, Ontario
    Holistic Counselling
    Workshops and talking circles on wellness:  Healing from Residential School
  • Magnetawan First Nation
    Holistic Counselling
  • Pikwakanagan First Nation
    Golden Lake, Ontario
    Wellness Days
    Holistic Counselling
  • Mnaamodzawin Health Services:
    Manitoulin Island Ontario
    Holistic Counselling for 5 Ojibwa Communities and Staff
  • Whitefish River First Nation, Ontario: Holistic Counselling
    Workshops for Youth
  • Winnipeg Manitoba Government contract: Igniting the Power Within
    Prior Learning Assessment
    Steering Committee for First Nations’ Project
    Facilitating & Consulting
    Holistic Counselling
  • Ending Native Youth Suicide: Federal Contract

Focus Group Ottawa, Ontario
Task force making short-term doable recommendations to end Native Youth Suicide to Health Canada and Assembly of First Nations

  • Women’s Prison
    Kitchener, Ontario
    Holistic Counselling for First Nations’ inmates
  • Fanshaw College
    Simcoe, Ontario
    Effective Listening Course
    Using our Personal Energy Course
  • Xerox Canada
    North York, Ontario
    Created screen layouts & help screens for nationwide scheduling project
    Trained end users nationwide
  • Ministry of Attorney General
    Guns & Gangs Department
    Team Building

RETREATS Facilitator:

  • Within Awareness – The Cener of S.E.L.F


  • Touch for Health Levels 1 & 2
  • SafeTALK: How to intervene and help prevent suicide
  • Strategies for Effective Listening
  • Mediation & Reconciliation
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Leadership & Quality Control
  • Competent Communication/Leadership – Silver level
  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified Traditional Healer: FNTI
  • Consumer/Board Training:

The Canadian Mental Health Association  (HN)

Volunteer and Community Support:

  • Children’s Aid Society committee member with CAS to create policy/procedure for filing formal complaints
  • Simcoe Woman’s Shelter  committee member to help design new facility
  • Regional Children’s & Advisory Group member
  • Regional District Health Council:  appointment by Health Canada
  • Started Neighbourhood Watch
  • Member of Coordinating Committee to End Family Violence: Chaired for 3 Terms
  • Rotary Club
  • Toastmasters
  • Chair Parent Council Sr. High
  • Fundraising Committees & Support:
    • Teddy Bear for Tots
    • Hamilton ON
    • Ghana School of Dreams- Hamilton ON
    • Miles for Smiles- Hamilton ON
    • Rama Library  Chippewas of Rama ON
    • New Comers Club  Cornwall ON
    • Rotary:  Cornwall ON
    • East Front PS  Cornwall ON
    • Cornwall Tourism
    • Parade of Nations  Cornwall ON
    • EverlastingTree School, Six Nations, Ontario
  • Host of local TV show and Radio Show:  Simcoe ON
  • Foster Child in India

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