Personal Services

Whole-person Traditional Wholistic concept is the understanding that when any condition affects one aspect of our being then all parts are affected to varying degrees.

All services are an amalgamation of academics, life experiences and spiritual gifts.  The terms academic and life experience are self-defining.  Spiritual gifts means to have an important ability to overcome self-centered needs and wants, rising above the human tendency to label people as  “worthy” or “not worthy” of care and respect. The practice of the belief that everyone is deserving of compassionate understanding.

Spiritual gifts are noted in multiple sacred texts validating that they exist and are validly sacred, useful and helpful and to be utilized for the good of all people.
1 Corinthians 12


You don’t have to believe to benefit.

Communicating with Divine Helpers and Loved Ones to provide insight into situations and support you in making your best choices as well as helping you to overcome the loss of a loved one.  Specific questions provides specific and detailed answers to support your correct choices.

  • “Helped me clarify my feelings on relationship, children, finances”
  • “Gave me options and insight on where to go to as solutions”
  • “Doreen channeling my aunt and mom helped to lift the weight off my shoulders.”


 Now you can have the hidden meanings.

Channeling the meaning of dreams. The scariest dreams often hold the most valuable guidance. Receiving accurate interpretation provides helpful answers and insight.  There are many different types of dreams.  If a dream is staying in your memory, it is a good choice to seek the interpretation.

  • “I like the ease of our conversation and knowing the meaning of my dreams.”
  • “I am more at ease and happier and have clarity.”
  • “Enlightened.”

 How to evict an unwanted wanderer.

Spirit Rescues:  Assisting interfering spirits across into the light. Signals such as saying, “This does not feel like me.”; noticing changes in food and clothing and behaviours that is not your conscious change is good cause to utilize this service.

  • “I feel fulfilled the emptiness is gone. I can move on.”
  • “My mind is quiet and a weight lifted off my shoulders.”
  • “Helping spirits across into the light is sacred. I feel grateful to have Doreen’s help.”

Heal the past like a pro.

Emotional Release:  Providing you with effective Traditional ways to unburden negative self-messages of the past allowing your Spirit to be more present in your body and in your life. This service is a good partner with mental health and addiction workers.

  • “I feel more relieved and lighter.”
  • “I am not my past.”
  • “Letting go of my past helped me to feel worthiness.

 Get rid of unidentified discomforts.

Traditional Doctoring: Releasing negative or unhealthy energies from the body. When people have been to the medical professionals and they cannot detect the cause, this service is beneficial.

  • “Back pain is gone; feeling content now.”
  • “I could feel that pain come out of my body.”
  • “Doreen is loving, kind and nurturing and she feels like family to me. I like her energy and I feel safe with her.”

 What everyone ought to know about healing.

Sending restorative energy into the body helping the tissues to heal. This service partners well with medical professionals.

  • “The pain in knee is gone; I feel lighter; mind is very quiet and ear is well now.”
  • “After my surgery, my operation site is healing faster and more comfortably.”
  • “I can feel the healing heat and energy that flow through Doreen. Doreen’s healing energy has helped me.”


Here is a good way to be heard and understood.

Relationship Facilitation supports improving communication and effective listening skills. It helps to identify common ground, isolate the real issues and produce win/win doable solutions.

  • “Doreen helped us to ask each other important questions to test our understanding.”
  • “Doreen showed us how to listen first and then be heard.”
  • “Doreen knows how to mediate so that I feel heard an understood.”

  You don’t have to have a darkroom to develop these pictures.

Angel Photography also known as Spirit Photography is a form of physical phenomena. What makes this unique is the fact that everything is done in the light. There are no cameras, film or darkroom conditions.

Workshops & Seminars delivered:

  • Live in person**
  • On-line live
  • Webinars

Connect through Doreen South with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones to receive insight, suggestion, and direction providing you with support and comfort.

No annual fee!  Prepay fee of $10/person/event for up to 5 minutes with Doreen.  This is a public forum and messages are delivered in a way that only you will understand.

This is a membership group. Annual fee of $24.00 per person. Then prepay only $10.00 per person per meditation. Non-members prepay $15.00/event.

What is this Talking Circle? This Talking Circle IS a Discussion Group on a wide range of interests and topics. This Talking Circle IS NOT a “healing/sharing” circle.

Membership Group. A small fee of $24/year/person opens a big opportunity for your unlimited participation. Non-members may register to participate at a prepaid fee of $5.00/person per event.

Guidelines: *Be respectful to everyone. Thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are energy. These are energetic medicines.


6 Benefits to choosing Doreen South:

Increasing sense of worthiness.
Strengthening connection with Spirit Identity.
Building Healthier Relationship with Self and Others.
Deepening rapport with Creation.
Improving ability to sustain wellness.
Ongoing personal growth.


Who else wants high quality and low fees?

Current fees are $2.00/minute* with a minimum of 5 minutes.  Payment via e-transfer (are direct deposit), Square or PayPal payments are accepted prior to the appointment. … use for Interac payment methods

Personal Services are provided by Facetime, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger.
In-Person** appointments at my location only.

.*Fees are subject to change without notice.
**Due to pandemic conditions, in-person appointments will be screened carefully.

Contracts with First Nation Communities and Agencies:  Watch for announcements on Calendar

Doreen South, Achievement Facilitator, has academic and practicum training in traditional and spiritual based services that are accepted in many First Nation and non-native communities.  As an achievement facilitator, Doreen is certified in traditional,  meta-physical and mystical knowledge delivering the services in a manner beneficial to the whole person concept of health and well-being.  Services, workshops and seminars are delivered through video conferencing successfully. Contact Doreen South by phone or email with your inquiries.

To request more information about Doreen South’s services, please contact Doreen*
Tel: (289) 253 7772

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